Wedding ceremony

Wedding day

Wedding ceremony Mexican Caribbean Cancun Riviera Maya

The ceremony is the best of the wedding day. Today is a sunny day in Mexican Caribbean. The ocean is blue and the sand is white, a special atmosphere is in the air. This is a perfect wedding day. The Bride and Groom  waked up at dawn to check all the event details are ok. A breakfast together and bye bye my love, see you later… The guys waited this day for a long time, they is planning this day since many years. Now everything is set: the flowers, the arch the rings, the wedding location looks great.  The family and all the guests are in the venue looking for the bride and groom. They are witnesses of the best day of the couple . We can start, the wedding parade is coming:  the groom and her mom, she is very excited and she can’t resist to cry. Everybody stand up, the bride is coming with the Dad, she looks very excited and she was dreaming this moment for long time. The ceremony is starting and the guys are facing each other. A lot of emotions are in their minds, and the decisive moment is coming. They say Yes!!!