About us

Alessandro Banchelli

Hello, my name is Alessandro. If you are visiting this page, it means that you liked our work and you are interested in our service for your event. “Grazie Mille”  and congratulations.
Who I Am
I am a human being who was fortunate enough to be born in Italy and has been living in Mexico for almost two decades. I am a person who loves art, beautiful people, and everything that is beautiful in life: food, music, art, walking in nature, and sharing this adventure called life with other beautiful human beings. I am always grateful to the universe because I have had the opportunity to study Philosophy and pursue the work I love, which is photography. It all started more than 20 years ago, and I still live a dream thanks to all of you who allow me to capture your most beautiful moments.
Who We Are
PhotostudioAB is the photography agency I founded in 2008 here in Playa del Carmen. Thanks to our collaborators, we have been able to come this far, enjoying successes and great recognition. In our team, I have the honor of including wonderful individuals who are not only talented professionals but also amazing human beings.
Our Approach can be summarized in this phrase:
“Our clients are our friends”