Black and White wedding photography Cancun and Riviera Maya

We love the photography in Black and White, i started many years ago with the black and white films to capture my first images, now i’m using the HD Digital Dslr cameras, but it doesn’t matter…. the technology….Sincerely i feel something different when i’m watching a black and white album or a print; i don’t think the B/W photography is only light and shadow and it can’t reduce a photo only in a gray scale. Something hidden under the surface is real.
The black and white photography is a typical approach at the photojournalism photography, the masters of photography use this technique to capture the moment when eye, soul and heart are in only one synthesis. I’m in love with the black and white photography but for the destination wedding i capture the photos in Color as well.

I would like to give a opportunity to my clients and friends to get a tale of the wedding only in black and white. This is a service for every couple wants a original memory of the wedding. My proposal is a full coverage service with album included. We can include only 1 photographer for the black and white ( Alessandro Banchelli) or we can add other photographer of our studio to capture the typical wedding photo ( color) as well.

For my experience i’m sure my custumers love the result. When i’m capturing the images i’m thinking in black and white and when i come back in studio i use the digital pen tablet to edited the images: every photo is a master piece, i draw every details and sometimes i’m feeling like a painter…… 🙂 The result is something awesome, the images are amazing with great depth of field, great tones and amazing atmosphere.

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