Wedding photography with Polaroid

Wedding photography with Polaroid

I remember when I was a child, there was a camera that took photos that came out printed immediately… they were completely black at first… then little by little, as if by magic, the image would emerge… This mystery has always stayed with me, a beautiful memory of the analog past, then the digital era arrived… In recent months, I decided to try the Polaroid i2 camera in my work as a professional wedding photographer and take a nice leap back in time. I had a lot of fun and I’m having even more fun now… initially, it was like a shock because picking up a camera with these characteristics proposes a new way of doing photography, more thoughtful, more tied to film, but also more magical and mysterious… It was love at first sight… I’m still experimenting, but the challenge of instant Polaroid photography in the world of weddings is certainly something very exciting, a new engagement with the world of light…

The imperfectionist…..The beauty of the imperfection

Photo by Alessandro Banchelli

Polaroid camera I2

Color I-Type Film

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