Fabric Advertising Campaign Italian Factory “This time we did something different… an advertising campaign for an Italian brand that produces fabrics for fashion. When they contacted us and asked how we could help, we were told… we need an idea… OK, perfect. Together with my collaborators, we came up with various concepts and presented them […]

Wedding Finest Playa Mujeres E & R A sunny day, the white beach of the Caribbean….. Mexico Playa Mujeres, Finest Resort Playa Mujeres Cancun. The two young people arrived from the USA to get married in the beautiful setting of the Mexican Caribbean together with their families. The day started with the couple’s preparations and […]

Cenote Elopement Riviera Maya A & M Puerto Aventura, Quintana Roo, Mexico A pleasant June morning in Mexico. The jungle and the greenery of the trees. An incredible place, a Cenote in the middle of the jungle. Two hearts and the desire to be together. A & M decided to come to Mexico to get […]